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Data Warehouse Design & Data Modeling

Dazzlon's Architecture, Design and Modeling Services assess and prioritize opportunities for value creation based on careful investment justification and your unique business requirements. We complete a current and future-state analysis and discover the drivers that will guide your journey to Active Enterprise Intelligence. Our Professional Services consultants share best practices to increase return on investment through our business impact models and tools. Our consultants also work closely with you to define business value and identify opportunities to gain value from the data warehouse.

Architecture Design and Modeling Services consultants help you:

  • Identify business strategies and the opportunities for value creation

  • Draw a rough data model and organizational data flow

  • Identify potential systems and barriers

  • Calculate return on investment projections

  • Recommend initial data warehouse phases based on business value prioritization

  • Align business and IT to maximize usage and value of the enterprise data warehouse through understanding of data warehouse maturity

Dazzlon offers these key Architecture Design and Modeling Services:

  • Data Modeling

  • Data Warehouse Architecture

  • Business Value Consulting

  • Data Warehouse Maturity Consulting

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