Some people dream of success. We make it happen.



Dazzlon Computer Services is an extended arm of your IT department.

Our emphasis is on speed and quality. While reducing the total cost-of-ownership of technical resources, our services assure to take your company’s performance to new levels…



Over the years of consulting experience we have developed a disciplined approach to developing and delivering high quality IT services.


Our set of best practices and process methods rightly address to the ever-changing needs in today’s volatile business environment…


Our goal at Dazzlon Computer Services is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your business, be it small or a large organization.

Our consultants design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.

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We have worked with a variety of businesses varying from non-profit to corporate to retail. Although our clients have ranged in size to large corporations, our niche is helping small and medium sized clients discover  ...


The work Dazzlon produced for us is highly accurate and thorough. They have displayed a strong dedication and commitment for excellence. They worked hard to promote quality in the finished product.

Mike Rafati, Project Manager

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