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Difference - Dazzlon at a Glance


Fulfill your IT needs - Our high-caliber, dependable IT professionals are full-time Dazzlon employees, with extensive training and expertise in areas including web, wireless, e-business applications, database systems, and operating systems.


Benefit from proven methodology - We believe in constant communication throughout the duration of your project. Goals and requirements are clearly defined from the outset to ensure your satisfaction during every phase of the consulting process.


Increase productivity - Your company is matched with Dazzlon IT professionals who have measured up to our rigorous quality standards, saving you hours of non-productive searching and screening time.


Save money - The cost of outsourcing a project to Dazzlon is usually less than making a permanent hire or adding a time consuming project to your overburdened staff’s regular duties. Through outsourcing you receive high quality solutions. Dazzlon also provides support for as long as you need even after the completion of the contract - an added value that you wouldn't receive from a former employee.