Database Administrator


Work on, integrate, administer, maintain, configure, and implement complex databases and multiple phases of database projects using PostgreSQL 9.8.x/10.x, Shell scripting, PL/PGSQL, Linux, Unix, Windows, Binary and Object level replications, Warm/Hot standby, Streaming replication, logical replication and Cascade replication, and AWS- EC2 instances. Implement native open source postgres database software, postgres database backup, recovery and monitoring procedures, production to DR replication and failover configuration, backup and recovery tools in a large-scale environment. Rollout database builds in development, QA and performance environments. Performance tuning of PostgreSQL databases in an ESX RHEL 7.1 environment. Analyze database needs and provide tactical and strategic database solutions. Build monitoring using postgres enterprise manager tool and Udeploy pipeline for code deployments. Tuning auto vacuum parameters to ensure up to date table stats and reclaim space consumed by dead tuples. Schedule maintenance on databases like vacuum full and vacuum freeze etc. Perform Database Refresh activities of production copy to non-prod for development testing. Use expertise in database creation, tablespace organization, users and schema designs. May require travel to unanticipated work locations within the USA.


Require Master of Science in computer science, computer technology, database administration, or related field and 1-year experience in the job offered, software engineer/developer, PostgreSQL DBA, consultant, or related field.


Please mail your resume to Dazzlon Computer Services, Inc., 6951 Virginia Parkway, Suite 216, McKinney, TX 75071